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October 14, 2011

Last Sunday, was the day that I had that photo session where I whispered all the way through because I had no voice. The session was with DiShawna Marks, a Detroit high school senior for her senior portraits. Aside from my voice issues, the day was perfect! The sun was out but

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October 10, 2011

Yesterday, I had a senior portrait session downtown Detroit.  Days leading up to the session, I was dreading the worse because I was not sick but something was up with my throat leaving me unable to talk off & on. My voice sounded horrible but I felt no pain. Seems like si

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October 5, 2011

Summer 1979, I remember my momma telling my brother & I that we were leaving our project apartment on Exeter in Bessemer, AL to move with my grandmother, “Mommie” in Detroit. Mommie had moved back to Detroit a year or so prior with most of her younger children but my mo

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September 25, 2011

I met Megan Pouncy thanks to a great referral from friend & client Amber Cabral a few months ago. When Megan & I initially talked, she shared her needs for headshots as part of a October 2011 launch for her brand new blog titled Vino Dream geared toward Detroit area wi

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September 5, 2011

I'm not sure if you have been able to tell or not but many of the images that I've been posting lately were taken with my iPhone using the Camera+ app. You know I keep singing the praises of the iPhone 4 camera and I'm anxious to see how the camera will improve with the next ver

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September 1, 2011

Yesterday, I photographed the “Parade Day at the Park” event for The Parade Company at Comerica Park.  This was my 2nd time working this event for TPC, with the first time being last year. Last year was one for the record books because it was soooooo super hot! When my assi

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August 22, 2011

One of the VERY 1st CDs that I EVERY purchased was Rachelle Ferrell’s self titled album “Rachelle Ferrell” back in 1992. I purchased the album because I fell in love with her voice on “No Rhyme, No Reason” by George Duke, where she was on background vocals. I was infat

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August 19, 2011

It was April 12, 2011 and I was standing at the corner of Euclid & Wildemere taking the first photos in my Detroit Nomad project. After about 2 or 3 photos, I noticed a man approaching me. Before I knew it, he was just a few feet from me, which is when he said (don’t shoo

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August 18, 2011

Last Sunday, I attended the honeyBOOM launch party, which was held midtown Detroit at the Alley Deck. Initially, I was going to enjoy myself, kick with my girl Ris Tena (owner of honeyBOOM), have a few cocktails and enjoy the fashion show. When I got to the event, I was in suc

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August 14, 2011

As I sit here writing this, I am being eaten alive by mosquitos because I cannot find my Off & I don’t want to go inside. The evening late summer air is feeling too good but I’m going to suffer later. Wait, I’m back and I found the Off. Anyhow…. Today, I completed

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