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February 5, 2011

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February 2, 2011

Join me next week in The Village at Veranda Lounge for the most epic Sip & See on the East Coast! Actually, it’s the only Sip & See on the East Coast. A good time is guaranteed but I’m not backing that up with cash! Photo credit: Z2 Photo - www.z2photo.com

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January 30, 2011

I saw these boots at New York Fashion Week last fall & I just had to have a pair. Actually, the thought of owning them haunted my soul, so to put the haunting to rest.... I had to turn to Zappos & some credit card cash back rewards for relief.  I love these boots becau

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January 22, 2011

A few weeks ago, I saw this lady slipper orchid at a local shop & fell in love! Then I looked at the cost & saw that it was 35 bucks. I then fell out of love. $35? Really? A week later, I was back at the shop and the lady slipper was still there looking so pretty &

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January 12, 2011

You gots ta be in the house for the 1st Detroit Sip & See. The origins of the Sip & See are purely magically & mythical but none of that matters. Hope to see you there!!! If you come, bring pickles, sugar, Grey Goose, Pom & business cards (Your own) there is a

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January 11, 2011

Yeah, I know that I am cracked out on Black Swan. Shit, it was only the best movie of 2010! It appealed to all of my artistic senses while reminding me of my own artist metamorphosis. I was shy, unsure but steady, kind of good enough to be noticed & attract a job or two.

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January 3, 2011

Well, two weeks ago I said that I was going to do a time-lapse video from the Top of the Rock & here I am with 82 images in a quick video. I took the photos last Saturday & it was COLD AS HELL! So cold that I think hypothermia started setting in by the time I was done

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December 13, 2010

Yesterday while out & about, I stopped at the D.I.Ypsi Holiday Home Fair to kick it with friends while avoiding spending money. My point to visit friends went without a hitch & I had a great time chatting it up.  My point not to spend money did not go as planned howeve

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November 16, 2010

On a late summer night in NYC, I had one of the most horrific nights of my life! I was tired, hungry but I was looking pretty damn good as I made my way across the city. Yeah, I was looking good but something went totally wrong with my pimp boots.  My feet were not feeling the

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November 15, 2010

I had been debating upgrading my 50mm lens to the new Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 G for several months & finally pulled the trigger to get it. It was somewhat of an impulse retail therapy type thing that made me feel pretty damn good at the time. And like most times after I purchase a

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