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February 3, 2010

I've been using Blogger.com's FTP service to update my blog for the past 5 years & it's been great. The upside to using the FTP service is that the blog & files are all hosted on my server giving me additional administrative controls that I would not ordinarily have. Th

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January 12, 2010

After reading Senator Harry Reid’s [“unintentional“] racist comment, I went into blank stare mode, then snapped out & went straight into no that mutha fucka didn’t mode. In case you’ve been under a rock, this fool said privately that he believed Barack Obama was we

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December 29, 2009

Today I heard from a client who saw an image of her on a MSN website advertising single ladies “in your area.”She sent me a screen shot of the page & I totally flipped out! She signed a model release for me so that I could submit it to Getty images Flickr Collection a fe

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December 22, 2009

Yesterday, I was in the locker room at the gym washing my hands before I headed to work out when I said hello to another member. He responded back by with, “hello, how are you?” I was like fine.He then asked me if I was ready for Christmas. I told him that I wasn’t becaus

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June 30, 2009

Updated 7/6/2009 - Well this image has been up for a week & yet, Ive posted no story. Well thats because I was thinking long & hard trying to figure out how I could spin a positive story & I've been able to come up with nothing. Truth be told, no one that I know wh

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January 9, 2009

March of this year will mark 7 years since we got custody of my little sister Sade. I’m only recounting this because some shit just jumped off.Two weeks ago, we got a letter in the mail from the IRS stating that we had to refund all tax credits we received related to Sade beca

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November 1, 2008

This evening about 8pm, the doorbell rang & I opened the door to see a large group of trick-or-treaters.As I opened the door, I asked what they wanted & they all yelled; TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!!!When they quieted down, I yelled back TRICK BITCHES!!!! Then I gave them each a spe

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October 7, 2008

I was talking to an associate today about my move to file a small claim against The Dally in the Alley & Khristy Wilkinson if my work is not in my hands this Wednesday. During the conversation, he asked me if it was that deep.I responded hell yeah, they have my shit, I want m

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August 22, 2008

You know I had a pretty good week that has been somewhat drama free but as usual my mind is spinning from shit going on in the world.Why come I been jamming to Chico DeBarge’s “Long Time No See” CD all week? "Virgin" is the ishnit!!! Why come the price of crude oil been

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August 15, 2008

This my 3rd week of "a few questions" & it is quite fun writing down these why comes. Sometimes I have the answers & most times I have no fucking clue. Talk to meWhy come people be contacting me asking if they can use my photos to print in a magazine but they don’t wan

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