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June 26, 2010

Whether hell or high water came, I was not entering this weekend without the new iPhone 4 in my possession. Yeah, I know for weeks, I was stating that I was not going to get it but I got weak, & the tech gadget whore within me took over my mind. And when I read that Radio S

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May 26, 2010

This evening, I got a text from actor, client and friend Misty Mills letting me know that she landed a role in “Machine Gun Preacher,” which stars Gerard Butler! The role she scored is quite surprising and I will not spill any details except to say that it involves a raunch

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May 16, 2010

Here's a quick snapshot from a senior portrait session that I held this weekend out & about in Detroit with Allyson Lloyd. My session with Allyson was great & moved rather quickly because I am finding my groove with moving locations quicker & dealing with fewer chan

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April 30, 2010

We all know that I love a good hot mess but this may just bee too much even for me! Seriously!!! Hat Tip to Shadow & Act

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April 28, 2010

This past weekend, I visited New York’s Museum of Modern Art & fell in love in the photography gallery. I always fall in love in their portrait gallery so this is really no new news! What made me fall during my most recent visit was Carrie Mae Weems’ “From Here I Saw

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April 25, 2010

Bits and pieces of a rant: So it's looking like I may be spending the night at gate A2 at BWI because of bad weather. I'm hoping this is not the case but it's not looking good. Got strong winds, hail, thunder/lightening & rain in the mix on the east coast that is affecting

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April 8, 2010

When VA Gov. Bob McDonnell announced that the month of April will be “Confederate Month” in his state by decree it was just a matter of time before blood started leaking out of old oppressive wounds. Not only did he note that April was Confederate Month in VA, he also failed

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March 8, 2010

I had all the best intentions of waking up at 9am today to fix myself breakfast, & prepare for my 1pm photo shoot with Detroit rock group Fluxphonic. In my head the plan was solid! Well, it all went to hell when I woke up at 11am. I jumped out of bed, rushed to get dressed

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March 2, 2010

This summer my blog will be 5 years old! Wow!!! Since I started blogging, I have gone through several blog content metamorphoses. I started off talking about nothing in particular, then started talking about pop culture (mostly movies, weird news stories & music), then I

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February 5, 2010

Dear Blogger, it was great while it lasted. OK. Thanks. Bye! Yesterday when I got the notice from Blogger letting me know that they were ending their FTP service, I went into a tech-boy downward spiral. Today I'm out of my funky mood, another unwanted surprise project is now do

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