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April 27, 2007

When I 1st reading the story below, I was like wow; these slavery regrets/apologies are happening like once a week!I’m happy that “they” (in the larger sense) are finally starting to fucking recognize but what do all of these apologies really mean?Are these apologies goin

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April 14, 2007

I was surfing YouTube today for some fun old school videos & ran across this video clip of "The Electric Company". While looking & reminiscing, I was like, wait, this Negro looks & sounds a little familiar, then I realized that it is my boy Morgan Freeman.Looking at this as

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April 9, 2007

If you read blogs daily as much as I do then you no doubt read about “shock jock” Don Imus’ recent comments about Rutgers women’s basketball team.If you missed this display of racism, let me fill you in. Taken from he commentary of Don Imus & Bernard McGuirk during a NCA

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March 26, 2007

Before reading my boy's blog (The Free Slave)post about "Black Snake Moan" (I will not be seeing this movie BTW) I had never heard the term Magic Negro. Well after I read it about it there 1st, I started reading other posts in the Blogosphere referring to Barack Obama as a

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March 4, 2007

Last night I think I had an epiphany about myself while watching Spike Lee’s “School Daze”. First I think I need to say that last night was my first time watching “School Daze” in like more that 16 years (my high school daze), so there were some things in the movie tha

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March 2, 2007

I heard about Hip-Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes 2 weeks ago while listening to Fresh Air on NPR & could not wait for it to air on PBS. Well last week it was on & it blew my mind! This is a must see especially if you have children & are concerned about the images that t

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February 27, 2007

The video may take a second to download but it's worth the wait. I decided to record this video because I just could not write the words out to explain my experience with the passion that I wanted express. If you are new to the Mind Spill Blog, I suggest you read my Ghetto Disc

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February 20, 2007

I have a friend in Phoenix, AZ; we’ll call her “Snapshots” (for the sake of anonymity) who last year told me how racist the atmosphere was there, which was a surprise. I have been to Phoenix only once & I fell in love with it, I also tried to talk Suite Suzy into moving th

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February 19, 2007

Today as I sit on my ass waiting for mail that will not be delivered because it’s Presidents Day I am wondering if Presidents Day is necessary especially with Black History Month being recently criticized for relevance. I really do not see the point for this nation to rememb

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February 17, 2007

I was anxiously awaiting the release of this Daddy’s Little Girls since I saw the preview several months ago. The idea of a struggling Black father really appealed to me because I just knew that TP was really going to put it down. With this said I walked into the theater wit

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