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October 15, 2010

The other night I bumped into blues singer Thornetta Davis in Ann Arbor.  When I walked into the room, she was on stage performing but when she saw me, she gave me a quick shout out. I got all excited. You know I get excited a lot…. I fell in love with Thornetta about a goo

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October 3, 2010

The man is just amazing! *drops mic, walks away!*

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April 28, 2010

This past weekend, I visited New York’s Museum of Modern Art & fell in love in the photography gallery. I always fall in love in their portrait gallery so this is really no new news! What made me fall during my most recent visit was Carrie Mae Weems’ “From Here I Saw

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April 21, 2010

The hottest & most intriguing news story these last few days has been the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. I really think the earth is trying to tell us something big! With earthquakes happening everywhere creating havoc & two Icelandic volcanoes halting all Trans Atlantic/int

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April 11, 2010

Where are your heroes, my little Black ones You are the Indian you so disdainfully shoot Not the big bad sheriff on his faggoty white horse You should play run-away-slave Or Mau Mau These are more in line with your history Ask your mothers for a Rap Brown gun Santa just may co

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April 8, 2010

When VA Gov. Bob McDonnell announced that the month of April will be “Confederate Month” in his state by decree it was just a matter of time before blood started leaking out of old oppressive wounds. Not only did he note that April was Confederate Month in VA, he also failed

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April 4, 2010

You may have heard the sad news that Emmy winning TV writer, producer & loved blogger David Mills aKa "Undercover Black Man" passed week. David’s sudden death came as a huge shock! His last blog post was 3/29/10 & it has been flooded with messages of condolences. A

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April 2, 2010

If I could travel back in time to the 70's I would so order both of these sets in a size 38 husky fit! Maybe even the damn shoes too! Talk about the perfect Easter outfit!

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March 29, 2010

1992 was a big year for me. I entered the 12 grade at Mackenzie High School, I turned 18 years old & I voted for former president Bill Clinton. Back then, all I cared about was voting for the 1st time, graduating, looking good & my little information booth job at Fairla

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March 23, 2010

My mother & I discussed the census the other day along with the racial categories listed this time around. During the conversation, I asked what she preferred to be called; Black, Negro, AA etc. She answered with Colored, which was somewhat of a surprise. Her preference is

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