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May 24, 2011

I read about Hype Saturday night while laying in bed suffering from serious whole body muscle aches because I went too hard in a kayaking class that I participated in over the weekend. While I read up on the new Mac only app, I got HYPE myself.  I have been waiting for a tool

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April 28, 2011

I’ve been a Getty Images creative contributor with the Flickr Collection for a couple of years now and it has been a profitable enjoyable experience. Many times since 2008 I have posted about my "need" to submit an application to become a regular creative Getty Images contri

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April 16, 2011

So my 2nd Detroit Pecha Kucha Night presentation has come & gone like a thief in the night.  The evening could have not been any better!  I was supported by my family, friends, members of the Detroit art community & somewhat of a rowdy crowd. OK, the crowd wasn’t row

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April 2, 2011

If you ain’t heard (yes, I said ain't), I’m presenting at volume 8 of Pecha Kucha Night Detroit on April 14th at the Arab American National Museum. Part of the process is to submit a short bio 3-4 sentences, which I find hard because  a) I hate writing/describing myself a

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March 31, 2011

When it comes to flamboyant fun, funky or fresh headgear, New York socialite & costume designer Rosemary Ponzo has it covered. Whenever she’s out & about, she’s sporting a look that makes people stop & wonder a) WHAT? b) Is that Liza Minnelli? b) Is that hat for

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March 14, 2011

When I saw that Jeffrey Williams was a contestant on season 2 of Bravo’s show “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection," I was like I know him, but I could not place where. I really didn’t watch the show all that much because it was super cheesy & some of the designers

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March 11, 2011

Losing your images stored on any format is a bummer and a bitch! But... as in all things in life, shit happens. I just hope that it doesn't happen to me. When I saw this video the other day, I was inspired and excited at the same time. I the spirit of Charlie Sheen, I say tha

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March 8, 2011

Just last week, I was talking to a friend about posting images online and how there is no real way to protect your work from being stolen once you publish it to the world. As an artist, I mos def want my work to be seen by as many people as possible, but I want to be the one wh

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March 7, 2011

What made my weekend awesome? Seeing Alvin Ailey perform tice at the Detroit Opera House that’s what. Thursday I saw the dance group perform with Cousin Dee for the Access Dance program. Tickets were only 25 bucks for floor seats & we got to attend an afterglow with the perf

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March 3, 2011

One of the cool things about being accredited media at Mercedes Benz Fashion week is that you get info on a lot of parties, events & cool swag type things that surround the event. From about two weeks prior until then end of MBFW, you are literally bombarded with informatio

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