Last month while in Phuket, Thailand, I made a daily pilgrimage to Layan beach for fruit smoothies, delicious Thai food, massages, and of course sun & swimming.

This was my 2nd trip to Phuket and it was a must that Layan Beach be my chill spot.

When I visit in 2018, I feel totally in love with this sleepy chill little beach that had EVERYTHING that I need.

When I arrived at the beach on my 1st day, I took my usual sunset stroll after sunbathing and along my walk, I encounter plastic bottles, chip and other snack food bags, beer cans, and other debris. I was so angry. How did this wonderful beach become a trash receptacle within a year?

I picked up what I could and discard it in a beachside trashcan and I did this over the next 6 days.

How can people have so little respect for something so beautiful?

Later in the trip (which I will talk about in another post because Thailand is just so fucking awesome), I went on a boat tour to Khao Phing Kan. Along the way, it was alarming to see so much trash in the Andaman sea.

More of the same… Plastic bottles, wrappers, and so much other random debris.

This issue is pretty wide spread when it comes to waste in our water and on beaches. Take a look at this story… “Bali beaches swamped by garbage as tourists, hotel workers sweep up each morning” also check this out… Beach Ready? Tips for Trash-Free Oceans

Also, check out this cool concept that I found by way of Instagram when searching about trash clean up on beaches… The Adventure Bag…

We have one planet/one home and it seems that humans are doing their best to destroy the environment… If we can’t keep or waters clean, we will not have a healthy planet.

Let’s all be better stewards to our home, Mother Earth!