A few weeks ago, I was contacted by NYC based clothing retailer, DIA & Co. (@diaandco on Instagram) to photograph Terri Smith, aka Diviniti (@diviniti on Instagram)! Dia & Co were very inspired by Terri’s wight loss journey and wanted to share her triumphs, motivation & realness with the world. I was very proud and excited to make these photographs because I too have been inspired by her triumphs, motivation & realness!

The photo session, which was done at Jabs Gym (@jabsgym_em on Instagram) in Detroit’s Eastern Market was super fun and I was able to work up a sweat as we moved through…

“If you’re waiting for some external event to spur you on towards living the life you are meant to live, stop waiting. Find something you love about yourself right this moment and celebrate it. Then, find something else and celebrate that too. Grow your list of things you love and celebrate about yourself. Affirm yourself. Give yourself daily pep talks. Write yourself a love letter. Go for a walk and fill your ears with the music you love. That’s how it starts—with self-loving baby steps. As you feel better and stronger, do more and keep going.” Terri Smith

Diviniti, you are amazing and you make Detroit PROUD!

You can read Diviniti’s story on Dia & Co’s blog here.