Today, I needed some fruits and veggies to get me through the next few days and I decided to hit Paradise Food & Vegetable, a local Arabic market to see what I could find.

In almost EVERY case, shopping at ethnic markets is a BIG when it comes to produce.

A) The prices are MUCH MUCH MUCH better then shopping at large grocery outlet such s Kroger, Whole Foods, & Meijer etc.
B) The options are more widely varied in terms of what may find
C) You’re supporting a small business, which is always great for the local economy

Depending on my needs and usually proxmity, I may hit a Mexican, Indo-Pak, Asian or Arabic market.

While, I only got a few things today, I’m excited about my small haul that cost me very little for a pineapple, eggplant, medjool dates, spinach & bananas.

Also, while at the market, I noticed they had green almonds available! Funny thing is, I never heard of green almonds until last night while mindless surfing on Instagram. I saw a recipe for pickled green almonds. Seemed interesting. While talking to the shopkeeper, I learned that green almonds are eating as is for a snack & it is typical to ip them in a little salt while enjoying. WHY DIDN’T I TAKE A PHOTO OF THEM???

She let me try a few and they were pretty interesting. Very earth but surprisingly slightly moist while chewing, unlike regulate almonds (which dry my mouth so I don’t eat them often).

I think I will go back over the weekend and get some to share with friends while they are in stock and in season.

Do you shop and or prefer to shop at local ethnic markets for goods? Tell me more!