With my trip to Salvador, Bahia coming in less than a week, I am kicking up my yoga game with a daily practice.

While I am able to be self-guided with no problem, I really prefer to be in an instructor led setting and with my schedule being a little all over the place, I have been practicing at home using Youtube believe it or not.

I’ve found several WONDERFUL Vinyasa videos that have been working me out!

Yesterday, I did a great flow with Tim Senesi Yoga. Tim has a great set of videos from a recent 30-day challenge that I only discovered yesterday randomly.

I started with day 2 of the series & it was a nice slow burn. Looking forward to building with day 3 later today.

Areas that I am constantly working on are balancing in standing poses (still a challenge but I’m improving), getting deeper folds while sitting or standing, & hand stands.

Over last 1.5 years that I’ve been practicing, I’ve seen some significant improvement in my hips, ankles, & back. Yoga has also taught me to slow down my mind, to breathe with purpose and to focus.

The countdown is on and I cannot believe that I’m about to do this but it’s about to get done. Six days & nights of yoga, meditation, & super healthy eating are about to become a reality.