Olivia is 20. She was 13 (Amelia is now 13… time is flying) when her mother and I called it quits. It was ugly. I’ve talked about it here before…

Therapy. Attempts to heal. Lots of work. More therapy. More attempts to heal. Lots more work.

Years later, the effect of divorce on both of my kids is still there emotionally. 

Last night Olivia and I had a heart to heart. I listened. Apologized. There were tears. Once the heaviness lifted, we hugged. We laughed.

Can’t change the past. Everything that happened, happened. Hoping that time, love, and patience heals us all. 

In my situation, like others who have contentious divorces that involve kids, there were no winners. No one wins in these divorces no matter how you slice it. Then someone died (their mother) increasing the pain.

Having real conversation with an adult who is your child is certainly a whole new world.

Have you gone through a divorce involving children? What has been your experience in trying to be peaceful & respectful while communicating with your affected children? Really interested in what men, Black men have to say.