After a couple years of being neglectful of my little blog, I got off my ass and made some updates to this virtual living room of my life.

Actually, I’ve really be in a constant state of updates all around… Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Professionally. Creatively.

I’m using this moment as if I’m meditating and resetting my intention on being consistent here.

I have so much to share then I micro blog it out on in various pieces via Twitter, IG, & FB, which together do not form a method of sharing and mind spilling the way I prefer to.

So… A Couple of things…

– Last year, I said fuck it all and decided to work full-time as a photographer. Nothing bad happened or anything but on my birthday, I was sitting at my desk & thought to myself… what am I doing this boring bullshit that is adding no fulfilling value to my life. Yes… After all of these years of juggling family, a full-time corporate job & my creative passion, I listened to the universe! Since October of 2018, I’ve been doing my thing and so far, so good! I figured out how to get health insurance (Thank you president Obama!), I figured out how to get life insurance, & I got a few other things in place to help make this transition not painful and here I am… Thriving!With this new full time artist life, I am also looking for fellowship, grant, and artist in residence programs that would be a good fit for me. Last month, I applied for the Kresge Artist Fellowship. What a process… With there application now in, I wait until June for the big announcement. Good luck to my fellow Detroit area artists who applied!

– I DID finally catalog my The Couch series photos and added each on and the stories to my professional photography site and I love it. Finally, an online archive that I can control.

– I decided to test myself and deepen my yoga practice by experimenting with different styles to see what I truly love. I’ve done a few practice techniques, mot recently, Bikram and I actually love it. The first time I tried it last year, it wasn’t that great but I decided recently to give it another go & it feels so good but is sooooo much work! My 1st yoga love is Vinyasa! The study flows, the wonderful bends, the calming effect, the body heat… I love it all and usually practice at home at least 30 minutes a day.

– In two weeks I will be leaving for Brazil (Salvador, Bahia to try something else new… Kemetic Yoga, which is a series of postures and movement that predates Indian Yoga by more than 2,000 years. It combines physical exercise, meditation, self-philosophy and healing through the stimulation and movement of essential life energy throughout the body.I’ll be at the Kemetic yoga retreat for 6 days in the rainforest resetting everything with a small group of other Black souls and bodies in the rain forest & rolling with a raw vegan diet. Who me? Yes… Im still trying to get my mind right about the raw vegan diet but I will start a detox next week to get me prepared. Stay tuned… After the retreat, I’ll have another 4 days to explore Salvador and enjoy Carnival… Also trying to get my mind right for that too!

Once back from Brazil, I’m right back in work mode as the 41st Annual Classical Roots kicks at at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. This year, I am serving on the steering committee, which has been a great opportunity and I will be photographing this wonderful evening of Black excellence, achievement and joy. Right after Classical Roots, my lover and I are off to Thailand for 2 great weeks. Well… Thailand and Malaysia all ending with a very sexy beach vacation in Phuket. I can’t fucking wait to be a work away. Actually, anywhere but here… I need a break from cold weather & early sunsets. I need some good life.

Speaking of good life, I photographed Kevin Saunderson and Inner City a couple weeks ago and the photos are kick ass. So much so, Kevin is bringing me back for another session to photograph his alter ego, E-Dancer and for a session with his protege’s/son’s, the Saunderson Brothers next week. You can get a quick sneak peek of the work on my Instagram page.

– It felt good getting this out! There is so much more.