Last week, Getty blew everyone’s mind, well, maybe not everyone’s mind with the news of them opening up 35 million photos for the blogging world to consume for free 99.

Today, they announced that they are ending the stock photography relationship with Flickr/Yahoo. Say WHAAAAAAA? Is the party is over.

“Today we are announcing that we provided notice to terminate our existing agreement with Flickr. Our original agreement reached its end, and while we continue to be open to working with Yahoo!/Flickr, we have not agreed to a new agreement at this time.

Your status as a contributor to Getty Images is unchanged by this news. Your current agreement with Getty Images remains the same and agreements will NOT be terminated by us as a result of this change, no matter how few images you have on”

Apparently, the new Moment Collection will be replacing the Flickr Collection so it will be interesting to see how this goes down for the contributors and what this will ultimately mean for Flickr/Yahoo.

Some are speculating that Flickr/Yahoo will soon launch their own stock photography option. This would certainly be a moment when shit would get very real. And in the same conversation, some are saying that Flickr itself is a dying antiquated photo service. I don’t agree with that but hey…