I was strolling down Rue de Bagnolet late one Monday night in Paris headed to Mama Shelter to enjoy some music & martinis when I came upon the intersection of Rue de Bagnolet & Rue de Lesseps.

I stood here for a few moments and realized that the streets were almost dead silent. Silence was not something that I noticed much in Paris. I find the city to be lively somewhat like NYC but. SOMEWHAT. Being a city guy, I have no problem with city noise… people, cars, honking horns, sirens…. But this silence was interesting and comforting at the same time.

In my wonderment, “Me and the Devil” crossed my mind & took me to a place. A memory of a dream years ago where I was visited by the Devil. He came to me while I was half asleep & he sat in my  bedroom chair offering me an opportunity. I wrote about it here.

Later this evening at Mama Shelter, I ran into a motley crew of Parisians who befriended me. We laughed & talked the night away where the night ended at Le Gambetta, a Reggae bar where things got really interesting to say the least.

I spent the following day laughing at myself and how I manage to connect with the most interesting people and have the weirdest encounters in the most random places.

Side Note: Mama Shelter is fairly popular and they have great food, awesome music, & drinks but the service leaves a lot to be desired. I won’t go into detail about how the bartender attempted to serve me a drink in an unchilled chilled glass that had a jagged rim…