My 39th birthday is 2 days away but I’ve been celebrating since Sunday. I’m going for broke and making it a weeklong celebration ending in a themeless party with friends.

Well, maybe there is a theme because I’m planning on having a ton of red balloons.  The challenge to this is that I have a popcorn ceiling. Yikes!!!!  Guess I need to start taking bets on how many will pop.  No matter, that will only add to the fun.

Because I’m a little Pinterest obsessed, I created a birthday board to showcase a few of the things that I love…. you know, stuff like strawberry ice cream, music, fashion etc.

My 38th year was a very good year from me and I’m hoping that my last year in my 30’s brings me more joy & peace… Already off to a good start, a good start indeed!

Shout out to Cousin Dee for an awesome mini photo session!