While hunting for new soul house songs on Traxsource this past spring, I stumbled upon “Man of Summer” by QB Smith and was instantly hooked. I played the song on auto play  & repeat for hours and adopted it as my 2013 summer theme song. Ever mutha needs a summer theme song!

The lyrics hit me in the right spot and reminded me of summer love and a connection to the earth and all things connected to light.

I, Tafari…. am a man of summer!

“I am fleeting thunder
on a blue horizon
nearby laughter
on an outstretched evenin’
I am a warm touch
all over your body
and shady branches
for your shelter

Im a thoughtful moment
scorched emotions
cool remembrance
springs conclusion

Im everything
Ive ever done
and ever seen
and ever felt
and Im ready
yes Im ready

To be the man you want

I am summer
Man of summer” Mindspill

Man of Summer – QB Smith 2013