I’m not one for “Throwback Thursday” but here I am for my one & only contribution to this meme.

2013 marks 20 years since I graduated from Detroit’s ORIGINAL Mackenzie high school.

I hated high school 9th-10th grade but the remainder of my years, I loved it. I had friends, I had a little mall job, and of course… clothes.

I wish there was a reunion this time around but from what I’m hearing, it just did not come together. Bummer….

I am happy to say 20 years later, that I still look the same although a “few” pounds heavier and have an uncomplicated life with my brand of success & lots of love around me.

I took this photo at Hudson’s Portrait Studio in Northland Mall… 20 years later, Hudson’s is now Macy’s, Northland is a hot mess flea market, I have locks & would not be caught dead wearing velvet. Back then though…. It was all hot and in style.

Hair Styled by Legendary wave master, Rob Davis.