Random thoughts and interactions that I’ve had over the last week…

– Going to dinner with friends is always fun until you find out that they are a tacky tipper.

– I need a photo assistant. Non-paid assignments and I’m hoping for someone who isn’t annoying as hell.

– Conversation – Her: I have a personal relationship with God. Me: Can you ask him for the Powerball number for me?

– Conversation – Her: Your hair is gorgeous, can I touch it. Me: Sure. Her: This looks real nice on you but I used to hate this shit. My brother had them and they looked like hell but you look nice. Me: Thanks?

– The only time you use imitation vanilla is when you don’t give a fuck about what you’re cooking or who you’re feeding.

– I ran into R&B singer Ashanti the other day in Detroit and I said “Awwww Baby” to her & she sung it back. Totally got me hype.

Photo Credit: MeShow Photos