For no reason other than laziness, I had been holding on to a few rolls of film with a Kung Fu grip.

Every week for months, I’d promise myself to get it processed but it took 8 months for it to finally happen.

I didn’t feel like driving way out to my usual small camera store, so I did the unthinkable and went to CVS for film processing. The horror!  When I dropped it off, the cashier seemed a little unsteady & I just hoped this young guy did not mess up my rolls.

Well, he didn’t and I got some great stuff that I’m excited to share, FINALLY!

Here’s the first in the last of my NYC Analog Portrait series and I’d like to say that it gets better from here.

This photo of Eva Marcille Pigford of America’s Next Top Model fame was taken back in February 2012 just before I left for LaGuardia. She was leaving Lincoln Center and surrounded by photographers.

I kinda pushed my way through the crowd and said “hey boo, can I get a few snapshots.” She said “of course, boo,” and she posed down for me. Then she disappeared into thin air.

It was awesome! And she looks fucking great!

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