“Don’t you let your young life get you down
It always had a certain mystery
Many changes come to everyone
About the time that they turn seventeen.

Grandma said at times you’ll feel a sting
There’ll be sharp turns and uphills and closed doors
Then she said hold on to your faith
‘Cause in this world you’ve got to go and get yours.

So you stand up, be strong go out there
Hold on to the real things that matter
‘Cause no one’s gonna hand it to you on a silver platter…

Don’t be scared go out there
Just stand up, my brother, sister
Hold on to the real things that matter
‘Cause no one’s gonna hand it to you on a silver platter.”

Brother Sister by The Brand New Heavies ~ 1994 Mindspill

I had to make a trip to Alabama the other day to tend to some family matters and had one of the best times ever back  home.

My baby sister, Sade and I had a chance to have a nice heart to heart discussion about life and other things large and small.

There was a brother•sister reconciliation and some needed face to face time.

I haven’t seen her in a couple of months and she is really maturing and becoming a little lady. And her sense of style has become more girly, which I find to be awesome.

And then the other shoe dropped when I was surprised by my cousin Dan, whom I haven’t seen since my father passed 11 years ago. Actually, I didn’t even remember seeing him then but obviously, I had a lot going on.  What I do remember was seeing him over 20 years ago before he shipped off with the Marines.  It was great catching up. Mindspill

On the way home, I stopped at a little fruit stand for a snack and was surprised to find muscadines for sale. I haven’t had a muscadine since I moved from Alabama (Birmingham to be exact) back in 79.

Smelling them brought back some memories… While I enjoyed my rememories, the clerk told me to take a bag of them home. Gotta love southern hospitality

Immediately afterward, I called my mother to tell her of my find and she got excited. Later I surprised her by regifting her with the muscadines.

She told me how she enjoyed eating them fresh from the vine WAY BACK WHEN as a girl. I love hearing her stories, always a great laugh.

Overall, the last 2 days were a mixed bag of good, laughter and reconnections.

Side Note: Why are we standing the same way in the photo above? Family…