Yesterday, I was pretty hype to hang with friends in Southwest Detroit to enjoy Cinco de Mayo. I planned on smashing Mexican fare all day and of course, margaritas.

Well, none of this really happened the way that I planned or hoped.

The area where the celebration took place was PACKED with people and there really wasn’t anything Mexican about it. Quite frankly, it was a bore. I did have an OK meal with friends but I could have stayed home for that…

By the time I was ready to leave, I got a text that changed the course of the day. Another group of friends were having a small Cinco de Mayo tailgate style jump off nearby.

I made my way over and the rest is the stuff of what a good Saturday is made of: music, conversational bravado, ghetto controversy & people watching etc.

I think you can say that we were parking lot pimping but I’m still not really sure on the definition of that as of yet. Mindspill

The night ended with me being at some artsy event in a hipster loft on the east side of Detroit eating a Shawarma from Bucharest grill.

Art Credit: Dirty Sanchez by Verlisa / Bear Boy by Otis