It’s been 19 years in the making and the day finally arrived. The day that I thought would never come. After each statistic class. After every accounting class, After every crazy business math class, I grew stronger, yet wondered if this path would ever end.

Yesterday meant the world to me and all I could think about was how I kept pushing despite the forces that were against me weather they were real or simply perceived. I’m happy that I stuck it out for the long haul.

Tafari Stevenson-Howard, Eastern Michigan University GRADUATE!!!

I am thankful for the Black spirits of my grandparents Essie/Edward Stevenson & Mary/Daniel Howard and most importantly my father Robert Howard that guide me through life. For you, I pour this libation of love, pride and triumph.

I am thank for my daughters Olivia and Amelia who made this hard work necessary as I HAD to show them that it’s never too late to make great things happen. I wish they could have been there for this special moment.

I am thankful for the countless friends who cheered me on after every semester and endured my non-stop complaining about papers and test etc.

To my long time readers, I am thankful for you being there laughing with me as I made my way on this journey.

And to the Black boys out there who were told that they couldn’t, I stand here in testimony telling you that you can. You can! Mindspill

My next move???? Grad school! Last year I said that I was not going to go but now, I’m feeling invincible! I feel like I can make anything happen no matter how difficult the goal is.

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