The New York City Million Hoodie March in support of Trayvon Martin was held today & still going on as I type this post. If you’re not familiar with Trayvon Martin, he was a 17 year old who was murdered by a rogue crazed and racial profiling community watch member named George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman claims that he shot Martin in self defense but the evidence so far says otherwise. When police came to the scene, they found Martin armed only with a bag of Skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea. Where does self defense make sense?

Several weeks later:
– Zimmerman has not been charged
– The 911 tape has been released and it is a heartbreaker
– The Dept of Justice and FBI are now involved
– A Grand Jury is being sorted out
– Several marches and rallies are planned around the country
– Floridian officials are calling for the Sanford, FL police chief to step down
– Black men and boys are simply not safe from racial profiling

To support Trayvon Martin, I wore my hoodie. Yes, it was hot but a young man was murdered so my little discomfort meant nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Check out Trayvon’s mother talking to marchers today.

This story just really makes me upset. Will things ever change?