This afternoon, I was out shopping for a few items for a dinner party that I’m hosting this weekend when I get a text from my Los Angeles boo, Asia Willis.

I wipe my iPhone on my pants before I read the message (because it was super greasy but that’s another story). She said “You made the street style blog in the NY Times!!!” I then screamed out WHAT??? People started looking at me in the store. Then I screamed out “I’m in the NY Times, BITCHES….” I just came out.

I then called & was like what??? Asked if I looked good. What was I wearing? Blah Blah Blah. All the while, I’m like, me? In a style blog? In NY? The NY times???

I’m not even stylish. I’m just a husky Black man of leisure, who knows how to mix & match the right pieces to look half way decent.

Anyway, when I saw the photo, I laughed. It was taken my final day in NY for Fashion Week. You remember the look…

Shit, I never thought that I would make the NY Times but I did, just in a different way than I expected.

I may be going through a nasty divorce but the rest of my life is fucking AWESOME. I’m in the NY Times BITCHES!!!!

This little bit of news is helping me to kick off my weekend in a good way.

The Scarf (hand knit vanilla) was a 59th St Bloomingdale’s exclusive and only 3 were available. I got the last one.