I have completed 2 days of fashion shows around New York and Im asking myself, what did I get myself into. Feet hurting. Back hurting. Tired of running up & down subways stairs carrying a 60 pound bag. Tired of waiting in line. Tired of standing. Tired of looking at janky ass fashion wanna bees. ect……..

But even with all of the bitching that I just did, I am having a great time overall. I’ve seen some good fashion shows. Have been able to link up with friends. Best of all, I’ve been looking great. I’m just saying…

I’ll post links to blog posts and images as time permits so please stay tuned!

The photo above was captured at Nicole Miller’s 2012 fall/winter this evening. I guess big hats are making a comeback because they’ve been seen in a few shows. I think I’m feeling the look.

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