Mark de Clive-Lowe Leaving This Planet

This whole divorce process has been a bitch to say the least. Emotional highs and lows, mental highs and lows, energy highs and lows and everything in between.

Many nights, I felt like Leaving This Planet. Not in ways that are dismal or literal but I needed an escape. A spaceship. A hovercraft. A friendly alien to help me get into a space where I was safe from a crushing perceived reality.

For the longest, Kaye West’s song “Spaceship” was my theme song for so many reasons. Then I heard Mark de Clive-Lowe’s “Leaving this Planet” (vocals by Sharlene Hector) and I started crying (not like a bitch but close). This was some time in the spring of 2011 when my world started to experience change.

Sometimes, I would listen to “Leaving this Planet” on auto play repeat like I was the Rain Man or something. It calmed me. Made me wish. Made me…….

This evening while driving home, I was reflecting on the events of my day and “Leaving this Planet” came on the iPod. At the moment, I started driving a little slower to enjoy the 4:47 minutes of happiness that the song brings me.

Like most, I can use music as a marker for many events in my life. A life soundtrack if you will….

As time is passing, I’m only getting stronger.

Mark de Clive-Lowe – Leaving this Planet