Yes! It’s true! I’m almost single… I haven’t shared this publicly before now but I am in the process of a divorce.

The last few months of my life have been fairly turbulent but I am committed to pull through this event.

2012 has a whole lot in store for me. The ending of many things & the beginning of many more… I feel ready for it all but that feeling comes and goes like the Dexter bus (Detroit reference).

On A Positive Note:

  • My kids are pulling great grades in school.
  • Three more months left of school and I will be walking across that stage and joining the Educated Negro Elite.
  • My sister and I have reconciled and are back at one.
  • My brother is out of the hospital and doing much better.
  • I’m now a bowler. Well not really but I am really enjoying this sport. And I totally have to get my own bowling shoes because the rented shoes are NASTY.
  • I still believe in the power of love.
  • I look great in fancy man scarfs.
  • I leave for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2 weeks!