I met Kevin maybe a little over a year ago on Twitter through a mutual connection. Maybe it has been longer. I don’t know but time on Twitter flies.

Earlier this summer Kevin visited Detroit but we were not able to link up, unfortunately… But we were able to catch each other in NYC a few days after Hurricane Irene rocked the Northeast coast.

He introduced me to a new favorite eatery in the East Village named La Palapa. The great thing about this eatery was that it was not like a dancer with hateration and there was plenty of good food and drink.

I have to say that I have been VERY lucky meeting people in real life whom I have only known online.  Everyone that I have interacted with in real life has been cool as hell & totally someone who I would have long-term friendships with. And this goes for Kevin. A cool funny brother who loves to chop it up.

Kevin like most of my friends is a right brain thinker and artist.  In addition to being a regular social commentator via Twitter, Kevin is a voice, stage & screen actor. He has been seen in Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU and more.  He has also served as the audio book voice for authors such as Charles W. Chesnutt, Touré & Hill Harper.

After I captured this image of Kevin, we parted ways & he headed to his first meeting as one of the playwrights of The Fire This Time Festival, which opens January 19 in NYC and it features his new play, “The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual.” Me, not being as fancy or reknown, headed to Washington Square Park where I enjoyed the sights and sounds my most favorite place on earth.

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