Last night was the art show & reception that I have only been talking about for the last several weeks.

In a nutshell, everything was perfect! Many of my friends came out to show love & support, I met some great new people & I was able to talk about my art and share my passion through the theme of Black Women and Food.

When Olivia & I finished hanging the work last Thursday, I took a step back and felt very proud of the presentation. Prints on metallic paper, great custom framing and vivid color really gave me what I wanted.

The event lasted for about three hours but it felt like only 15 minutes. I was in a time vacuum with my new church shoes on…

I could easily say that the highlight of the night was selling 5 pieces of art off of the walls but it was not the highlight. The highlight for me was having my people there to support me, the art and the community of Detroit area photographers. Now of course, I am looking at my sales receipts and smiling like a mofo! I’m just saying.

Another fine highlight from last night other than me looking like a million dollars in my Versace was that someone purchased one of my BEST photos ever, “The Giver” (pictured above). I’m looking forward to installing it next Saturday…….

This photo has been looking for the right home for a while now. So happy that the right person decided to make that move.

As soon as I have photos from the event courtesy of my official unofficial photographer, L O T I, I will post them….

Thanks for hanging in there with me my friends!!!