Yesterday, I photographed my biggest one day event yet, The America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade put on by the Parade Company. This year was the 85th anniversary of the parade and allegedly the best weather to date. For that, I am so thankful but it was still cold.

My day started at 4am. The Distinguished Clowns breakfast was the first event of the day, which started at 630am. The Parade started at 930am. Television coverage started at 10am.

Working with me was Cousin Dee & Dapper George. They covered the other pre-parade events. It was crazy but we got all of the pre-events & met up at the beginning of the parade for the main jump off scattered around downtown Detroit. Mindspill Mindspill

Funny thing is, I have been living in Detroit since 79 & have never been to the parade. Always watched it from the comfort of my home wondering why people would brave the rain & frigid temperatures to see balloons, floats & bands.  Now I know why.  I have already determined that if I am not working the parade next year, I will be there with my kids and a boatload of blankets!

Have a look some of what I captured start to finish here. You’re sure to smile. Or be frightened if clowns are not your thing.