Way back in the day, my mom wore turbans all the time. I thought she looked like some kinda of genie or something.

In the 90s Andre 3000 wore a turban & it was just strange.

Most recently, fashion maven, June Ambrose put the turban back on the map in a big way by freaking out her way.

These days, I guess you can say the turban is back.  While in NYC in September, I spotted many ladies, and I think a few men, out & about rocking a turban one way or the other.  Some pulled it off well, while others need to just pull that damn thing off.

My homie and fellow NYLA Report team member Janessa showed up for the 1st day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week rocking the look above and she was mos def turning heads.

The dynamic turban duo below was killing. And colorful….

So now…. The question to you ladies is, can you pull off wearing a turban??? Mindspill

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