10 years ago, I met Cole Jordan and he helped me to get back in school to complete my baccalaureate. Since then, he & his wife Diane have been like parents. Today, I learned that he has been a fugitive for the past 40+ years and is now in jail in California.  I am beyond shocked & devastated as I sit in my office trying not to cry.

I called Diane, the woman that introduced me to Toni Morrison (not the person but the literature) and we comforted each other. I needed to hear her voice and know that she was OK.

For the longest, Cole & I have been planning on getting a coffee to catch up but our busy lives made that meeting not happen.

Now, I’m sitting here wishing that it did. It’s always after the fact….

The fact that Cole turned himself into the authorities speaks volumes to me! I know Cole to be a man of integrity, love, honesty, style, education advocate and most of all, a friend who personifies what a Black man should be.

I have to wrap my head around this. I really do.

I feel for Cole, Diane, and their sons, my brothers from another mother.

I don’t know the facts of the case that got Cole to this point. I don’t know what led to whatever but I have to say that it does sound pretty bad ass. I’m just saying.

To get the backstory, check here. I read it 4 times and still like, just like….

Photo Credit: Michael Macor / San Francisco Chronicle