From the Urban Dictionary: Bitch Goggles – Designer sunglasses of the feminine sort that scream wealth, glamour, and sophistication. The trend (as with most things trendy) seems to be the bigger, the better. In addition to blocking out rays from suns in distant galaxies, serving as a racoonine substitute for makeup, and masking your blood-shot, coke-glazed eyes from prying gazes; these sunglasses do tremendous wonders for the feminine mystique.

I love the Urban Dictionary!
It is hard to not see someone in huge shades! Are they really trying to block the sun? Are they trying to be incognito? Are they simply adding a hot accessory to their look? Or in a worst-case scenario, are they trying to look cool at the club???

In this case, Stylist Anna L. Brown was looking hot with her huge shades & she was in no way incognito.   As soon as I spotted the shades, I felt her mystique & I pounced.

Anna, I see you, boo! I see you!

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