My good friend Jasim DeForrest of Word Play Tee’s recently contacted me about a project that she is working on for her mother, Helen. The project being Helen’s huge upcoming retirement party. After 41 years with the Social Security Administration, Helen is calling it quits.

When I read 41 years, I just said WOW. Thinking about having a job that long seems like a fantasy in today’s world.

Anyway, so when Jasmin shared with me her needs, I came up with a plan that involved my photo session with Helen this afternoon. Nothing major, just a few quick shots for the graphic work that I will be doing. Mindspill

When I suggested meeting at  the DIA today, it was all good because it was supposed to be 70º today. At least that is what the weather app said on my iPhone.

I woke up this morning to verify the weather & it still said 70º but when I stepped outside, it felt more like 50.  Later Jasmin called & asked if I had a plan B because of the cold. I said “well, it’s going to be 70º, we should be OK.” Then I assured her that the session would be rather short.

After that discussion, I checked the iPhone weather app again and discovered that it was indeed supposed to be 70º but not in Detroit. I had been looking at the weather for Washington DC for at least the last two weeks. Sadly, I was wondering why it was so off daily.  I felt so silly. Mindspill

Fast forward to the session where it was windy & quite chilly. I mean really chilly! The session was quick, perhaps 20 minutes or so.

Although breif, I had fun and loved when Helen offered to buy me something to eat. She is such a mother and a beautiful person! Also making Helen special is that she is an 11 year breast cancer survivor who is living her life like it’s golden!