Last Sunday, was the day that I had that photo session where I whispered all the way through because I had no voice.

The session was with DiShawna Marks, a Detroit high school senior for her senior portraits.

Aside from my voice issues, the day was perfect! The sun was out but not too bright and there was a nice breeze. Totally a gift from the Michigan weather Gods. Mindspill

DiShawna along with her family (I think there were 8 people with us) & I started the session in East Detroit at the Detroit Dry Docks Engine Works complex, which is an awesome gritty space.  She was not afraid of rocking it out in this long abandoned structure so it was on like Donky Kong.

We ended at Detroit’s Hart Plaza, which I thought would be perfect because I knew very few people would be there because it was Sunday & no one hangs downtown outside of the summer months…. Well, I was wrong because the place was jumping with activity. It actually was quite beautiful to see people out enjoining themselves. Mindspill Mindspill

It was also fun rolling with so many people during the session. It was like DiShawna and I had a posse. And I never mind an audience watching me work.

Next time I lose my voice and have a photo session, I’m mos def gonna make some cue cards and have an assistant nearby.  Days later, I am just getting my voice back but that’s OK because I have a happy client with some great photos that are sure to make her classmates a bit jealous…. Mindspill