1987… I had my introduction to computers in the 7th grade at Durfee middle school. I LOVED my computer class but I didn’t like my teacher, Mr. Donaldson at all.  He was tall, super skinny, high yellow, short but pointy afro and a nose the size of a small Yukon gold potato. He always seemed to be on me making threats and just generally being a hard ass.

Although he was not a teacher that left a positive impression, I learned a lot in his class working on Macintosh computers. Mr. Donaldson would say, “it’s time to get on the Macintosh.” That’s so funny to me now.

We did all sorts of education activities and commands that would make the computer talk to us.

During free time, we worked and printed signs from a program named “Print Shop” (does this still exist). I remember being fascinated by the dot matrix printer and all the noise that it made.

We also got to play “Oregon Trail,” which I still love! Totally one of the best games ever!!!

After a year in that class, I did not touch a computer again until 1992 when I was a high school junior. Then it was all about Windows.

Fast-forward to 1998 and I have my very first PC. It was a Compaq Presario. I swear that I loved that thing. Then it died! Over the course of time, several Windows based PCs and laptops followed and they all died tragic deaths of epic proportions.

About 6 years ago, I gave up on Windows based PCs and started to move to Mac only. First a laptop, then a desktop. I was hooked. My kids even have a Mac desktop.

I guess I would say that I am somewhat of an Apple loyalist but I’m not ride or die like others, however I LOVE going to the Apple store, especially the Apple store on 5th Ave in New York.

Last night when the world learned that former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs passed, it seemed like Twitter, news sites and blogs that I follow were going to explode with the news.

I really don’t do RIPs but I am feeling the need because the man created a movement and a computing lifestyle that made being a nerd cool… so I’ll leave it there.

<tackynote>While a sad moment in modern history (for tech lovers), I can’t help but to wonder about the timing of the death. Was he kept alive long enough to let the release of the iPhone precede his death? Is it a total coincidence? I’m just saying…</tackynote>