Washington Square Park in Manhattan is one of my most favorite places on EARTH!!!!

Over the years while chilling in Washington Square Park, I’ve witnessed sex acts, homeless people fighting, grand piano performances, naked sun bathing women, mentally challenged costumed folk scaling the Washington Arch, African/Afro-Caribbean drummers drumming, hustlers hustling and transvestites strutting. Because of these things & more, not much shocks me around NYC.

The day before Hurricane Irene hit NYC, I took a stroll through Washington Square Park & this pigeon lover was the 1st thing I saw.

Onlookers surrounded him while the flying rats pigeons perched on & around him.

I have to admit that I was grossed out! It’s one thing to feed the pigeons; it’s another to have them all over you.

From a quick Google search, I learned that this pigeon lover prefers to be called “the Bird Man.”

Others refer to him as:

  • “The Pigeon Whisperer”
  • “Paul The Pigeon Man”
  • “Pigeon Paul”
  • “Bird Man of Washington Square Park”

I also stumbled upon a documentary that someone is working on covering the Washington Square Park celeb. Very interesting!

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