So, I was invited to this party at The Box in SoHo a few weeks ago.  The people that I thought were going to be there were not, so I was in a room full of beautiful strangers, musicians, models, shit talkers, socialites and a few coke heads (this is another story though).

Luckily, I did have a plus one so my good friend Special K joined me later in the evening. As I waited for Special K to arrive, I found this little private room that had a stripper pole, a disco ball, a Victorian couch, two super comfy armchairs and this lamp.

It didn’t smell like a “Champagne room” but it certainly had all of the makings.

When Special K arrived, we chilled in the room with our cocktails talking & laughing it up.

As we chilled, two girls from Romania came in to join us. They were a little hammered from the free booze. After being in the room for a short while, one of the girls jumped on the pole & did some tricks. Her friend jumped on after & she was working it. I was like this is a going to be a night.  After the two girls had their fun, they encouraged Special K to jump on the pole & she did reluctantly.

Not too long after, security came and put us out. As we were leaving, I jumped on the pole for shits & giggles. A) I’m too big for that shit. B) Mad props to all women who can work the pole C) I cannot believe that I told you that I jumped on the pole.

My life is an adventure… And I like red lights.