I met Megan Pouncy thanks to a great referral from friend & client Amber Cabral a few months ago.

When Megan & I initially talked, she shared her needs for headshots as part of a October 2011 launch for her brand new blog titled Vino Dream geared toward Detroit area wine enthusiast such as her self. Mindspill

After I told her that I was crazy during my photos sessions and basically a hot mess, we set a date and the rest is history…

We started downtown and worked our way to Midtown Detroit, where we stopped traffic, worked through cat calls and a meter maid who was about to go “Parking Wars” on us while we were at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I’m so happy that there were no cameras around because I may have shown out! Mindspill

After Megan reviewed her photos, she requested a follow up session that will pick up where we left off with a different look. I’ll take that as a win & another feather in my photo pimp cap. Mindspill

I swear that I love my job!