Yesterday, I photographed the “Parade Day at the Park” event for The Parade Company at Comerica Park.  This was my 2nd time working this event for TPC, with the first time being last year. Last year was one for the record books because it was soooooo super hot! When my assignment was over, you could wring out my shirt & get a cup of sweat.

When I was contacted to work the event again this year, I had heat flashbacks that made me sweat.

Parade Day at the Park is very fun as a spectator and from my angle as the photographer. Kids all over the place, face painting, clowns, a marching band, parade floats, beer, baseball etc. Mindspill

One of the cooler points of the event is being able to go onto the baseball field to catch the ceremonial 1st pitch.

Yesterday, Makayla McCoskey, the reigning America’s Thanksgiving Parade® Queen tossed out the 1st ball on behalf of TDC.

I met Makayla last year when I was one of the TDC’s “Princess Scholarship Program” judges. I was very happy when we learned she winner was because Makayla is quite a force in her academics, charity work & volunteerism. Mindspill

Some of the perks from winning the Princess Scholarship Program include:

  • Four Court members receive a $250 scholarship
  • The final candidate is named the America’s Thanksgiving Parade® Queen in addition to receiving a $1,000 scholarship
  • The Queen and her Princess Court ride in the America’s Thanksgiving Parade®, (seen nationally in 74.6 million homes)

On a related note, I was asked to come back as a judge again this year for the program. This time, I will be prepared with a little experience under my belt.

Anyway, the other fun item from the day was the kids. I think they were kindergartners. I took a photo of one of the kids after his face was painted. Next thing I know, I’m surrounded by kids asking me to take their photo. Do me! Take my picture! Let me see! It was funny. Mindspill

After my camera was packed away, I relaxed with friends and enjoyed watching the Detroit Tigers beat the Kansas City Royals 5 to 4. It was a great nail biting kind of game… And for the record, I am not a sports fan.