So, I’m posting this from NYC in the wake of hurricane Irene. Im hoping that Im able to get home by Tuesday night. I really am…. Stay tuned!


Last weekend, I had an idea to photograph Black women with natural hairstyles in Detroit for a mini interview project. I set out with all of the best intentions of getting 10 interviews done in one day but my plans fell apart before my very eyes.

I start too many things, juggle them well for a while and then run out of steam (not to say that I’m a great starter & non-finisher) So… I’m mentally sidelining this project for now because I, well… Ummmm…. I’m way to busy now. 2 weddings coming up, 2 portrait sessions, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week & the new school semester starts next Wednesday. Whoa!!!!

In the meantime, I’d like to introduce you to Natural Di’saster, who visited Detroit from Bowling Green, OH last weekend. It was hard not to notice this Afropunk chick rocking a perfectly purple shaved Mohawk.

Natural runs an organization named “urban nu-sense” which was founded in 2007 to provide an opportunity for the creation and celebration of urban art forms in and around the Bowling Green, Ohio. urban nu-sense works to incorporate social awareness and revolutionary movement in the mix, encouraging people to THINK while observing, creating and celebrating urban art forms such as spoken word, poetry, film, hip hop, street and ethnic dance and world music.

I asked her what defined her beauty and she said “absolutely nothing or no one.”

I really felt that!