Last weekend, I took a road trip clear across the state to photograph Jeff & Ximena’s beach wedding.

Jeff contacted me because Ximena’s sister, Linda was a wedding client of mine a few years ago and she suggested me for this occasion.  Now, I am considered to be the family photographer and friend. I love that!

Jeff & Ximena’s wedding like Linda’s wedding was going to be casual and intimate with close friends and family. Mindspill

Fast forward a few months since our initial conversation and it’s wedding day.  It started out with a storm then it cleared up slightly, then rained a little more. The weather was all over the place.

While I was photographing the wedding prep, the clouds got thick & gray.  Before you know it, heavy rain. Then it started to rain harder and the call was made to move the wedding from the beach to the reception site.

After we moved to the wedding/reception site, the rain got really wild like a monsoon! Mindspill

Once everything was revamped, nerves calmed etc, the ceremony took place and it was smooth sailing from there.

Outdoor weddings are an iffy thing & you must have a plan A, B, C & D in some cases.

As you would expect, the rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and the sky became bright blue all after the ceremony & reception.

Talk about bad timing but you know what they say; rainy wedding days make for happy marriages… Mindspill


Friday, the day before the wedding was my 1st chance to actually sit and talk with Jeff & Ximena together, so I was able to get their backstory.

Jeff & Ximena randomly met in Cleveland while they were both in town on business. As Jeff tells it, Ximena was flirting with him after they along with others decided to have drinks.

Fifteen days after Ximena laid her flirting moves on Jeff, he visited her at home in Mexico City. How courageous was he?  Ximena did not know what to think of this guy that she randomly met and had drinks with but she indulged anyway.

Six trips to Mexico City later over the course of a 1.5 years, Jeff popped the question.

Love moved fast. They are now one and exude happiness.

If all goes well, I will join Jeff & Ximena in Mexico City in 2013 for the Mexican wedding jump off, which I hear will be some kind of spectacle. You know I’m down & my passport stays at the ready!