Last Sunday, I attended the honeyBOOM launch party, which was held midtown Detroit at the Alley Deck.

Initially, I was going to enjoy myself, kick with my girl Ris Tena (owner of honeyBOOM), have a few cocktails and enjoy the fashion show.

When I got to the event, I was in such a great mood because I had just taken my last photo in my summer film series project. The DJ was playing my jams! Most importantly, the Captain & Coke was putting me in the zone.  It just seemed like everything was right.

Shortly after getting settled in, the fashion show started and all of the sudden, I slipped into photographer mode but all I had was my iPhone. As you know, I love the camera on the iPhone 4 so it was all good. Mindspill

As I was getting some images with my iPhone, my homie & Detroit hip hop blogger Marcel F of WhatUpDoe offered me his camera to use instead.

My first reaction was like are you serious? I don’t use Canon cameras; YUCK!  My second reaction was, fuck it, give it here, let me rock it out…..

As I got my initially images with Marcel’s Canon EOS Rebel T3i equipped with the Canon EF 50mm f 1.8 II lens, I was like oh, this is fun. The features on the camera were just as simple as Nikon bodies,  and the comfort of the grip was nice so my learning curve was all of 5 minutes.

From what I saw on the camera’s display, I was impressed with the appearance of the photos so I continued to shoot until it was time for a break and another Captain & Coke. After all, I was there to chill right??? Mindspill Mindspill

Lessons learned…. A camera is a camera & as a photographer, I can make an image with anything operable.

I’m happy that Marcel was generous enough to trust me with his new camera to get some great shots that I could share with Ris for her new venture.

To see a few more outtakes from the event, visit here. Mindspill

More on honeyBOOM:

honeyBOOM (HNYBM) is a retail boutique & brand specializing in vintage sportswear, along with streetwear, bboy/bgirl gear, jewelry, accessories, art, & custom pieces.

Founded by all-around creator, hip-hop aficionado & fashion enthusiast, Ris, also known as Ris Money, Dissris, Ris La Rock, Ris Regal, or just good ol’ Christine Tena.

honeyBOOM is inspired by the cultural revolutionaries: the bboy & the bgirl. With the style & charisma that breakdancers characterize, they epitomize what it is to be “fresh;” as Bgirl ShaBoogie from Renegades Crew says, “ain’t no swag like a bgirl’s (bboy’s) swag.” honeyBOOM brings it back to the foundation with this boutique as a play off old school gear – this is an ode to the hip-hop heyday.
Pictured above in order: Krista Ashley Mcgee, Abigail C. Brown, Anastasia Miller, Star Misskemi, Ris Tena