The end of the summer semester has come & I’m elated to be one step closer to being done with this business program. Just 3 more classes to go with 2 of them starting in a few weeks. Not much down time for your boy.

As a little treat to myself, I added more memory to my MacBook Pro today. I needed a speed bump desperately in this 3 year old machine. I’ve actually been debating on whether I get a new MPB or just roll with my fossil.

I guess, saving almost 2k was the deciding factor….

Anyway, when I cracked the back of the MBP, the inside looked like some kind mico city or something.

The new memory added some speed so I will say that it was money well spent/saved…

Oh, by the way, I pulled an A- in the compensation class from this semester. When the semester started, I projected an A, then I slipped into B territory & settled. At the last minute, I found some mental energy & made a small comeback. Guess it worked.