As I sit here writing this, I am being eaten alive by mosquitos because I cannot find my Off & I don’t want to go inside. The evening late summer air is feeling too good but I’m going to suffer later.

Wait, I’m back and I found the Off.

Anyhow…. Today, I completed the first portion of my summer photo project that I first mentioned here.

I wasn’t sure how taking the photographs would go for me but I found it to be intense to say the least from an emotional standpoint.

The last photo taken today was bitter sweet. I was happy to have satisfied this portion of the project but it was sad to see the state of the final house, or rather lack of an existing house.

Tuesday, I’m having the film processed then I’ll start assembling the accompanying short stories.

And I still need to find a title for the project. I’ve been thinking about this pretty hard… Stay tuned…..

Photo Credit: Michael LaCombe