For reasons that I’d rather not mention here, Chicago was a city that I did not enjoy. I mean, all of my previous trips were the stuff of nightmares. Ones where you wake up because you thought you jumped off a tall building and was free falling or something.

When I booked this most recent trip, I was bound to have a great time & not let my memories stand in the way.  The great news is that I was successful in doing that & had the best time ever.

If you read my last post then you know that I went to Chicago primarily to dance my ass off at the Tortured Soul/Osunlade party. Other than that, all of my plans were loose.

Making the weekender really nice was staying at the Allegro hotel, a nice chic boutique hotel.  The Allegro provided a grand guest experience! The staff was great, the room was great, the free daily happy hour was GREAT.

Outside of hotel lounging, dancing & shit talking, I partook in some serious dining at places that I am dying to revisit such as Frontera Grill, Yolk, and Bombay Spice to name a few.  I would mention the bars that I visited but I would not want to give the impression that I’m some kind of lush.

At this point, I’m looking for the next big reason to spend a weekend in Chicago in autumn.

Here is a quick snippet of Tortured Soul performing one of my favorite songs of theirs, “I Might Do Something Wrong.”

The Drama::::::

So, you know my life is not my life without drama but fortunately, none happened in Chicago. Well, other than me having to threaten to fight a homeless man after he bum rushed me Union Station.

The drama was with Mega Bus at the head of the trip.  Mega Bus & driver Ben Dease were HORRIBLE, unorganized & just plain damn janky as hell.

Long and short of the matter: The Mega Bus pulled up late. When the driver opened the door, he stepped off and stated that he only had 20 seats available. Problem was there were 56 people waiting to get on the bus.  After the 20 got on, I was at the door with the driver and noticed 2 empty seats with HIS luggage on top. I asked if the seats were available and he replied, “no” (with an attitude).  I asked if they were broken and he replied, “no” (with an attitude). I asked why they could not be occupied and he replied, “because I said so” (with an attitude).

Then I was telling someone what was happening then he snapped on me and let 2 people behind me have the seats as he told me “good luck getting to Chicago.”

How do you oversell by 36/38 seats?

Minutes later, some janky charter bus pulls up to take the rest of the passengers on to Chicago. At this point, we were 50 minutes behind schedule.

The trip home with Mega Bus was less drama filled but it was on that charter bus. WTH?

I’ve been attempting to contact Mega Bus to lodge a complaint but not to my surprise, I am having difficulty trying to reach someone.