At the farmers market the other day, I stumbled upon a vendor who had all types of basil. Not all that exciting, right? Well, it kinda was because she had Thai basil.

I’ve only had Thai basil at Thai restaurants in some of my favorite dishes but I’ve never seen it in stores.  I had a quick sample & was all in. So of course I purchased a bunch.

It smells soooo wonderful & the bouquet was visually appealing.

Sunday night, we used it in a great chicken stir fry with red pepper, shallots, cashews, sweet soy, chili paste served atop of jasmine rice.

Next summer, I’m mos def going to find some seeds so that I can grow it in my container herb garden. Shit, I may try to hunt down a plant next week when I head to the Detroit farmers market. There are a few herb vendors there. I may get lucky!