Maple Bacon Cupcake: Cinnamon French toast cake with maple cream cheese frosting and applewood smoked bacon sprinkles.

Back in December, I told you about the most awesome cupcake that I’ve ever had in my life, the maple bacon cupcake from Autumn Rae’s Sweet Treats & Street Meats.

Since then, the cupcake has been constantly on my mind but not always easy for me to run and get. You know, my life is crazy!

Saturday, I got a message from Autumn Rae letting me know that I could get some fresh maple bacon cupcakes from her new location Betty Rockers (Depot Town Ypsilanti). After that note, I made it my business to run and pick up three treats.

Once I had them back home, all I could do is look at them and inhale the wonderful sweet and salty aroma.

Sunday, I devoured one. Monday, I devoured one. Tomorrow, I plan on devouring one. Mmmmm! Bacon makes everything great…….