Ten years ago today, the man that made & shaped me became a memory.  Sometimes a painful one but most often a joyful one.

I can still hear that late night call that I answered while vacationing in Toronto when my mother informed me that my father, RL Howard died from a heart attack.

Ten years ago.

Life and time has flown by pretty fast since that phone call and it was not a smooth flight initially.

Immediately after his death, I had some real pain to work through! Luckily, I had the love and support from Suite Suzy, Olivia, my mother, and aunt Teresa.

There goes no day that I don’t think about my father. When I look in the mirror, I see him. When the room is quite, I hear him. When I laugh, I feel him near.

Ten years ago.

The time and space is only increasing since I last interacted with him but it still feels like yesterday.

Just two weeks ago, Suite Suzy was driving my to the airport and during the drive, I had a moment reflecting about RL and started to cry out of control for the duration of the ride. Yeah, like out of nowhere.

Ten years ago.

I love you dad. I miss you dad. One of these days dad, we will reunite. Mindspill